3 website mistakes you can fix today to make more money

As a service-based business, your website is your most valuable (and perhaps only) employee.

It's out there working for you 24/7, greeting customers and nurturing leads... or not. The good news is that fixing it is within your control. If you're running Facebook ads and hearing crickets, always pitching and coming up cold, or staring at a dismal Google Analytics dashboard, it's time to do some crisis-intervention.

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The Bombshell Toolkit: The Best Tools for Solopreneurs and Small Teams

As a solopreneur, it can be totally overwhelming trying to navigate all of the productivity, marketing, and admin tools available to help you run your business. And trying them all? A total time suck. However, it's something you've got to figure out... and stat. Because you're building an empire, and things are about to get busy! 

Out team has curated the best tools for every aspect of business and life (because when you're the boss, your personal wellbeing impacts your bottom line) into this bombshell toolkit. 💣From social media marketing to admin stuff, these are the things that add incredible value to our team and help us keep things running smoothly. 

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Are you ready to launch your Facebook ad campaign? (PLUS downloadable checklist!)

Facebook ads are an AMAZING way to grow your business...

…But is your business ready? Over the years, I’ve run dozens of Facebook ad campaigns.
D-O-Z-E-N-S. And I can tell you that without the right prep, your ad campaign is going to be inefficient… Which can translate into losing serious dolla bills.

Use the checklist at the end of this post to find out if your business is ready to launch its first Facebook ad campaign. And if it’s not quite there, don’t worry—I’ll help you craft a step-by-step plan to get up to speed. No stress, girl.

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How to use Airtable to Manage Your Side Hustle

Let's be real... being your own boss is awesome, and also hella exhausting. (Can I get an amen?!) Because while we all have our own kind of magic we are oh-so-good at, the behind the scenes of running your own biz takes some serious attention. Staying organized, focused, and intentional is absolutely key to success, which is why I'm crazy about tools like Airtable* that make staying on top of your business easy as pie. 🍰 

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